Moved from

5-8 Hardwick Street

Moved to

2 Bath Place

Office move completed on Wednesday 19th March and Saturday 22nd March 2014 which also included removal of some furniture and computer equipment to store.

Service Profile

  • Advance removal of server cabinets and equipment including packing and unpacking of server equipment utilising bespoke flight cases.
  • Removal of 10 personnel including all existing office furniture for delivery to Bath Place and store.
  • Dismantled desks and other large furniture items for storage.
  • Removed and recycled redundant computer equipment including some servers and cleared and disposed of general rubbish and floor debris.
  • Cleaned all computer equipment and work surfaces at the new offices and vacuumed areas including access routes and lift on completion.

Client Comments

“We were very happy with the move thank you. I heard Olga comment that this was the smoothest office move she had ever participated in. It’s always good when the boss is happy.”

Martin Ansell
27th March 2014